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On behalf of the Phillipsburg Football Program, we would like to offer our sincerest congratulations to the following Stateliner football players who were selected to the Honor Roll during the first, second, or third marking period at Phillipsburg High School.

The work ethic and diligence these young men have displayed is commendable. This is an opportunity to celebrate their hard work and achievements both in and out of the classroom. This kind of determination should never be overlooked. GO LINERS!

High Honor Roll

  • Robert Coury

  • Thomas Coury

  • Michael Gomez

  • Mark Gural

  • Ben Ries

  • Nate Wiles

Honor Roll

  • Corey Annan

  • Garrett Boures

  • David Capitini

  • Christian Chiulli

  • Robert Coury

  • Malachai Cox

  • Jakob Creveling

  • Karl Dano

  • Alec DeGerolamo

  • Darius Figgs

  • Jaxxon Fulper

  • Will Haussman

  • Ja'Quan Jones

  • Joe Kowalczyk

  • Matt Kowalczyk

  • Zach Leong

  • Dan Mattie

  • Dan McAuliffe

  • Rob Martin

  • Justus Neumeister

  • Bobby Orth

  • Conan Ritt

  • Carmelo Rivera

  • Adam Pursel

  • John Sabo

  • Kyle Sofhauser

  • Matt Taggart

  • Kyle Tietjen

  • Zachary Troxell

  • Jeffrey Vitale

  • Sterling Walker-Sutton

  • Karl Wambold

  • Jacob Wicks

  • Mark Zgoda

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