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Final Big Central Football Conference stat leaders for 2020 season

Pity the offensive and defensive coordinators this year who had to prepare their teams for New Providence’s Charlie Barth. You could barely stop him, and you could barely stop him from stopping you. Don’ worry, though, you’ll all get another chance next year. Barth - a running back and linebacker for the Pioneers - is only a junior. Barth stands as the 2020 poster boy for the final statistical leaders in this inaugural season for the Big Central Football Conference, as he led the conference in rushing yards and was tied with Brearley linebacker Michael Dotro for the overall lead in tackles. Barth’s outstanding overall play - enhanced no doubt by the excellent work of his offensive and defensive lines - guided the Pioneers to an 8-1 record.

There were many other stunning statistical achievements in the Big Central in this abbreviated, often-interrupted and unimaginably strange 2020 season, such as the flawless kicking of South Brunswick’s Jai Patel, the secondary thievery of North Plainfield’s Khan-Yae Stevens, the backfield demolition work of Somerville’s AJ Pena, and the robust passing numbers compiled by Frankie Garbolino of North Brunswick and Michael Miller of Somerville.

Congratulations to every player on this list as well as every player who aspired to be here. Just getting yourselves through this trying season was a remarkable statistic in and of itself.

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